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Sam's Gallery

October ‘97 or so, northend Springfield bar. Myself, Steve Adleman(drums) and Gene Haas(bass) jam out.


Hollywood, 87 or so. From left to right, Dean Clark Hall, Grace Greig, Richard Dennis. These are people I played on the road with in ‘84-86. Dean, who was our fearless bandleader, has what I’d call his classic, ‘o-kay, pal’ expression in this one.....



Springfield, ‘86, a gig of mine at what was then a restaurant/club called Union Station. Sort of a jazz/fusion group I’d put together. Frank Vanes on piano and Jeff Davis on bass can be partially seen here.



“There’s no business like show business” L.A., 1997. Specifically Camarillo, also known as the place Charlie Parker went to dry out(‘Relaxin’ at Camarillo’). Past members of the band Scoundrel assemble here for our bandleader’s wedding. From left to right: Eric Ongie, Michael ____, me, Ed Greig, Dean Clark Hall, Richard Dennis.



“Prepare to meet thy-muzik-maker”. Jacksonville IL, can’t remember the year, but the band is none other than “Muzik Maker Band”(yes, note the zany spelling), a group I’ve subbed with on occasion over the years. From left to right: Bob Smith, me, Steve Fowler, Steve Dykema, and Evans Brittin. Evans is the bandleader, and I believe the one who came up with the name “Muzik Maker Band”...



Robbie’s, Spfld IL, sometime in ‘97. The band was called “Frankly Speaking” and was a sort-of jazz/R&B/Contemporary thing. From left to right: Steve Alexander, me, Frank Parker, Alicia Wilson, Johnny Thompson, Kevin Ellis. I used to joke about being the “affirmative action hire” of the band....



“What a gig!” Sebastian’s, Spfld IL , sometime in ‘97 or so. From left to right: Jeff Magby, me, Tim Green.



Ogden, Utah, Halloween ‘85. Scoundrel is the band. From left to right: me, Tom Davis, ‘sheik’ Dean Hall, Grace Greig, Ron Culver, Richard Dennis, Ed Greig.


“Hey, foo’!”. Another shot of Scoundrel, live in Utah.



Taken in Japan. From left to right: David Hoffman, da Colonel.



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