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Sam's Music Catalog


Classical Works

Realms (1981)for String Orchestra

Variations(1979)for flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass/clarinet, trumpet, horn, violin, viola, ‘cello, Harp & percussion(2 players):chimes,xylophone, glocken- spiel, temple blocks

at our crossing place(1978)for SATB chorus and percussion(4 players)

Coils(1979)for SATB chorus

Octet(1979)for trumpet, flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello & bass

Alter-ego(1979)for contrabassoon and tape

no loitering(1979)for 3 guitars

Festival of Fluids and Solids(1980)for saxophone quartet(satb)

String Quartet(1976)

2 Descriptive Pieces for Woodwind Quintet(1976)

Flotation Music(1980)for flute and guitar

Sonata for Flute and Piano(1976)

Duo for Violin and Cello(1979)

First Piano Sonata(1976)

Second Piano Sonata(1980)

Rhapsody, Fanfare & Fugue(1980)for flute/piccolo

Tones for Jones’ Bones(1976)for flute

Tonescape no 1(1976)for flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon

Tonescape no 2(1977)for piano

Tonescape no 3(1978)for trumpet, horn and trombone

Nine Pieces(1980)for violin, oboe and electric guitar

Three Piano Pieces(1976)

Five Borglinesques(1976)for bassoon and piano

Holiday for Clarinet(1979)for solo clarinet

String Trio(1976)for violin, viola and cello

2 Trombone Quartets(1976)

Wheel of Fortune(1980)for flute or violin and guitar

Ozone Ranger(1990)for electronic sounds

Dys-Synchronicity(1990)for electronic sounds

Five Bangatelles(1991)for electronic sounds

Jazz Compositions-Big Band(5 trpt/5 trb/5 sx/pno-gtr/bs/dr)

T.Fertue(1992)- a bop-ized version of the old standard Tea for Two

Bubba-City(1982)-funk tune with 70’s feel to it

Zectron III(1980)-modern straight-ahead jazz, lots of 4th harmonies

CLJ(1982)-nice ballad, great for bones

Right On!(1985)-retro jazz-rock

Firesign(1990)-energetic latin thing with interesting intro

The Chich(1984)-harmonically modern funk thing

Love, Lunch, Later(1985)-smooth latin thing

Truckin’ Around Campus(1985)

Break Song(1984)-fast latin

Jewish Insurance(1989)

Girl in the Red Leather Pants(1989)


Smilin’ Mighty Jesus(1982)-modern straight ahead modal feel with some interesting meter changes

Jazz Compositions- Small Band

Smilin’ Mighty Jesus(1982) 2 trpt, alto, tenor, trb, pno/gtr,bs dr

Firesign(1990)2 trpt, alto, tenor, bari, trb, pno/gtr, bs, dr

Well You Needn’t(Thelonious Monk)-trpt, trb, alto, tenor, pno/gtr,bs,dr



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