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I would like to thank the following people who have aided and abetted in my musical endeavors……………………Ben Drake, Bob Graham, John Webber, Dave Daniels, Cliff Pfeil, Marcus Belgrave, Kenneth Barton Sr., Robert Hall Lewis, Jean Ivey, Morris Cotel, Herman Myer, Marc Barron, Karen-Jean Munoz, Gene Haas, Jimmy Binkley, John Piper, Dave Hoffman, Dennis Darling, Michael Darling, Matthew Dietrich, Tom Irwin, Brian Pryor, Wayne Coniglio, Joshua Breakstone, Tim Green, Charles Hayes, James Isley, Tom Becker, Dick Garretson, and Lanny Montgomery. One of the nicest things ever said to me though, as far as encouragement, was from Virgil Rhodes, who once said to me, "Man, you play a LOT better than you think you do." Thanks Virgil. God, I hope so.....





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